Equipe de Voltige

Equipe de Voltige

Equipe de Voltige de l’Armée de l’Air is a French Air and Space Force group founded in 1968 to represent the French military at air shows and competitions around the world. The most experienced French pilots have become members of the team over the decades. They have a notable number of medals and achievements, including winning the World Championship in aerobatics several times. The pilot Florent Odden is the triumphant winner of the 31st FAI World Aerobatic Championships of 2022 which took place at our airfield.

Aircraft specifications

  • Aircraft: Extra 330
  • Production date: 2009
  • Powerplant: 315 HP
  • Maximum speed: 410 km/h
  • Maximum altitude: 4 875 m
  • Range: 970 km

Display / participant details

  • Participant name: Equipe de Voltige de l’Armée de l’Air
  • Pilot: Florent Oddon
  • Country: France
  • Display day: Friday and Saturday
  • Display time: day 🌤️
  • Static display: yes
  • Number of aircraft: 1

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