The Flying Bulls Alpha Jet

The Flying Bulls Alpha Jet

Fairchild-Dornier Alpha Jet is a French-German twin-engine, jet training and combat aircraft still used today in the air forces of France, Egypt and Canada, among others. The prototype aircraft flew in October 1973. The aircraft you will see at the ANTIDOTUM Airshow Leszno joined The Flying Bulls fleet in 2001. They were demilitarised, equipped with civilian avionics and are the first of their kind in the world to be able to delight spectators at shows across Europe.

Aircraft specifications

  • Aircraft: Fairchild-Dornier Alpha Jet
  • Production date: 1973
  • Powerplant: 2 x 26,48 kN
  • Maximum speed: 1 000 km/h
  • Maximum altitude: 13 400 m
  • Range: 4 000 km

Display / participant details

  • Participant name: The Flying Bulls Alpha Jet
  • Pilots: TBC
  • Country: Austria
  • Display day: Friday and Saturday
  • Display time: day 🌤️
  • Static display: no
  • Number of aircraft: 2

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