For pilot

For pilot

If you are planning to arrive by plane or helicopter at this year’s ANTIDOTUM Airshow Leszno 2024, on this page you will find the rules and procedures in force at Leszno Airfield during the show. It is worth familiarising yourself with them carefully, as we have made a few changes!

2024 vs 2023

The main change compared to last year’s edition is the introduction of a limit on the number of ‘guest’ aircraft. This year we have reserved 17 places for aircraft and 3 places for helicopters. Another new feature is the introduction of an arrival fee. For this purpose, we have introduced an additional ticket category: GUEST AIRCRAFT TICKET. Regardless of which aircraft you plan to fly in, this costs 200PLN and includes airport fees and the aircraft’s parking on the airfield during the airshow. The arrival fee does not include entry to the ANTIDOTUM Airshow – the pilot and each passenger should purchase an additional airshow ticket.

Both the GUEST AIRCRAFT TICKET and the pilot and passenger tickets can only be purchased online at this website.

Arrival rules

  1. Purchase an entry ticket on this page for yourself, your passengers and the aircraft you plan to fly to the show.
  2. Approximately two weeks before the show, we will send you an email asking you to complete a short form. We will ask you to provide details of your A/C, planned time and date of arrival. You will then also receive details of the arrival procedure.
  3. The GUEST AIRCRAFT TICKET is valid on both days of the show and applies to one A/C. You may perform multiple operations with the same ticket, but all must take place at the specified times.
  4. Ticket can be returned until 7.06.2024 12:00 (2 weeks before the event) for an additional fee of 10PLN. Please contact for this.
  5. Deadline for arrival is 12:00 LT. The possibility of holding is to be expected due to ongoing operations over the airfield. On show days, airport fees are not applied.
  6. Departure will only be possible before or after the show.
  7. We suggest flying out the following morning.
  8. A telephone confirmation of the arrival time at least 2 hours in advance is required. Please call or text the operational number of Leszno Airfield: +48 577 215 344.
  9. We suggest submitting a flight plan to facilitate smooth operations.

All guest A/Cs will be located directly next to the public area, which will only be accessible to those with a GUEST AIRCRAFT TICKET and their companions. We recommend having your own anchor kit.

FAQ – or frequently asked questions

Is the GUEST AIRCRAFT TICKET a one-day ticket?

The ticket is a two-day ticket. You can arrive on the first or second day of the show. You just need to remember that you need to have entry tickets for people arriving.

If I have a GUEST AIRCRAFT TICKET, can I leave after the show on one day and fly in on the second day?

Yes, it will be possible to fly out after the show on Friday and return in the morning on Saturday. Details of flying operations will be provided in an email we will send out 2 weeks before the shows.

We are planning a family arrival (2+1) on the first day of the show, what tickets should I buy?

If your child is under 12 years old, you will need to buy 1 reduced ticket for Friday, 2 normal tickets for Friday and an additional GUEST AIRCRAFT TICKET. Click here to buy your ticket!


If you have any questions or concerns about arriving at ANTIDOTUM Airshow Leszno 2024, please feel free to contact us via the contact form or directly:

phone: +48 535 355 522