Łukasz Czepiela

Łukasz Czepiela

Łukasz Czepiela is one of the most famous aerobatic pilots in the world. He is the World Champion of the Red Bull Air Race series in the Challenger Class. Pilot who did the impossible and was the first one in history to land a plane on top of a skyscraper in Dubai. Author of the historic landing on a pier in Sopot and a flight under bridges in Warsaw. In a word: a champion!

Aircraft specifications

  • Aircraft: Zivko Edge 540
  • Production date: 1996
  • Powrplant: 340 HP
  • Maximum speed: 426 km/h
  • Maximum altitude: 3 810 m
  • Range: 844 km

Display / participant details

  • Participant name: Łukasz Czepiela
  • Pilot: Łukasz Czepiela
  • Country: Poland
  • Display day: Friday and Saturday
  • Display time: day 🌤️
  • Static display: yes
  • Number of aircraft: 1

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