Orlik Aerobatic Team

Orlik Aerobatic Team

Orlik Aerobatic Team was founded in 1998 in Radom. It uses PZL-130 Orlik aircraft. It is currently the only Polish military aerobatic team. Over the years, the team has taken part in the largest aerobatic events throughout Europe and still continues to perform in front of Polish and foreign audiences. At the Antidotum Airshow Leszno 2024 the team will perform in the full formation prepared for this season. The popular Orliks are from 42nd Training Air Base in Radom.

Aircraft specifications

  • Aircraft: PZL-130 Orlik
  • Production date: since 1992
  • Powerplant: 550 HP
  • Maximum speed: 480 km/h
  • Maximum altitude: 6 000 m
  • Range: 1 062 km

Display / participant details

  • Participant name: Orlik Aerobatic Team
  • Pilots: TBC
  • Country: Poland
  • Display day: Friday and Saturday
  • Display time: day 🌤️
  • Static display: no
  • Number of aircraft: 5

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