PZL M18 Dromader

PZL M18 Dromader

PZL M18 Dromader is a Polish airplane used, among others, for fire fighting and in agriculture. The aircraft has a water tank with a capacity of as much as 2,500 litres and, despite the passage of years, still performs its tasks perfectly. Two Dromaders from the Mieleckie Zakłady Lotnicze will be on display in Leszno. One of the elements of their show will be an impressive water drop at Leszno Airfield.

Aircraft specifications

  • Nazwa statku powietrznego: PZL M18 Dromader
  • Production date: 1976
  • Powerplant: 1000 HP
  • Maximum speed: 410 km/h
  • Maximum altitude: 6 500 m
  • Range: 520 km

Display / participant details

  • Participant name: PZL M18 Dromader
  • Pilots: TBC
  • Country: Poland
  • Display day: Friday and Saturday
  • Display time: day 🌤️
  • Static display: yes
  • Number of aircraft: 2

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